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  • Private Rooms

    Private Rooms

    Our private rooms offer up just the right dose of privacy and comfort mixed with some extras to help you enjoy your stay.

  • Services/Facilities


    Offering a wide range of services/facilities: lockers, bedside tables, free internet, Pub, terrace and more. 

  • Brick Cellar Kitchen

    Brick Cellar Kitchen

    Take a trip down to the “Kitchen of the Missing Spoons” to cook dinner and have a chat with friends. 

  • Sir Toby's Lobby

    Sir Toby's Lobby

    Make yourself at home...and while you’re at it let your ‘rents know you made it safely by using the FREE wifi!

  • The Pub

    The Pub

    Join us in the ‘Pub at Sir Toby’s’ on Monday nights for beer (that’s ‘pivo’ in Czech) tasting. Mmm…

  • The Pub

    The Pub

    Where old friends gather and new friends meet over Czech pivo (beer!), home-cooked meals, breakfast, live music, beer tasting and more!

  • Shared Dorm Rooms

    Shared Dorm Rooms

    Our shared rooms offer you the opportunity to cater to your slumber in vintage-style.