Arrival Date
  • Back Garden

    Back Garden

    Sit for a while and sip a local beer with friends.

  • Brick Cellar Kitchen

    Brick Cellar Kitchen

    A cosy place to cook, eat and make new friends.

  • Lobby


    Come on in. Sit back, relax, and take advantage of the FREE wifi/internet while your at it. 

  • Reception


    Welcome to Sir Toby’s. How may we help you?

  • Private Rooms

    Private Rooms

    Traveling with a friend and looking for some privacy? Grab a twin room and enjoy your new home away from home.

  • Sir Toby's Location

    Sir Toby's Location

    We are located in the hip and cultural Holešovice neighbourhood at Dělnická 24. Welcome home. 

  • Shared Room

    Shared Room

    Snooze in peaceful surroundings, kick back and relax with a book, or socialize with new many options. 

  • Shared Room

    Shared Room

    A different design and personality in every room. Much like each of our unique guests.

  • The Pub

    The Pub

    Take a load off and hang out downstairs in The Pub...where there’s always something going on. 


Please use this contact form for reservation requests or if you would like to ask us a question. For instant, confirmed credit card bookings, use the booking form to the upper left of this page. 

  • BOHO CO, s.r.o.
  • Sídlo: Dělnická 24, Praha 7, 170 00
  • IČ: 27250539, DIČ: CZ27250539
  • Spisová značka: C 107646 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze

  • Sir Toby´s Hostel, s.r.o.
  • Sídlo: Dělnická 24, Praha 7, 170 00
  • IČ: 257 99 185, DIČ: CZ 257 99 185
  • Spisová značka: C 71311 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze