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Staff Guides to Prague: Nick

Who knows Prague better than our lovely staff? Here we will start a series interviewing Sir Toby’s staff about how they spend… …

Christmas around Prague

We think Christmas is one of the most magical and exciting times to be in Prague – so exciting we forget it’s literally freezing… …

Specialty Coffee in Holešovice

Holešovice has been our home for over 18 years now. While we might be biased, we have been saying it’s one of the coolest… …
u sudu bar prague

Best Backpacker’s Bars in Prague

U Sudu might be the best kept secret of Prague, although it is located in one of the most animated streets of our beloved city… …
Unetice Beer Czech Food Crawl Prague

Unetice Beer & Czech Food Crawl

Sometimes getting out of the city is just what you need on the weekend. A change of scenery and a slower pace of life always does… …
Sir Toby's Hostel Prague August 2013

Sir Toby’s 18th Birthday

Our Sir Toby is turning 18 years old today! Yes, 18 years ago, enterprising German student Mathias opened a place with first 10 beds and Holesovice gave birth to the coolest …

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