Microbrewery Pubs in Prague

microbrewery pubs in prague sir tobys

Microbrewery Pubs in Prague

Microbrewery Pubs in Prague

Over the 18 years that I have been travelling to Prague, I have experienced the Czech beer culture evolving in many different directions. The latest trend is the growth in the number of Micro Brewery Pubs all over the city. Here is a selection that I visited. There have of course been Microbreweries and Microbrewery Pubs in Prague for centuries such as Strahov Monastery and U Fleku. Here are 6 of the best places to sample some mirco-brews in Prague.

1. Vinohradský Pivovar

vinohradsky pivovar prague

Vinohradský Pivovar is located in Vinohrady just a 7 minute walk from JZP (Jirího z Podebrad) metro station.  It is also very close to our sister hostel the Czech Inn. The bar is non-smoking of course. They brew 3 beers on site and you can clearly see the large brewing kettles. The Pivovar has 3 micro-brews on tap, Vinohradská 11° Beer .5 – 36 Kc, Svetlý Ležák 12° .5 – 38 Kc and Jantarová 13° .5 – 39 Kc.

  • Distance from the center: 25 min walk or 10 min on a tram.
  • Address: Korunní 2506/106, 101 00, Praha 10.
  • Opening Hours: 11am to 12 Mid-night.

2. Pivovar Národní

pivovar národni prague

Pivovar Národní is the newest Microbrewery Pubs in Prague center. It consists of a large non-smoking bar/restaurant and a 100 seat Beer Garden with a children’s play corner. It serves 3 mirco-brews Czech Lion 11° Pilsner .4 – 35 Kc, Czech Lion 11° Unfiltered Lager .4 – 35 Kc and Czech Lion 13° semi dark special .4 – 39 Kc.

  • Distance from the center: It is in the center and is only 70 meters from The National Theater.
  • Address: Národní 8, 110 00, Praha 1.
  • Opening Hours: 11am to 11.30pm.

3. Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden

riegrovy sady beer garden

Riegrovy Sady is only a 15 minute walk from Wenceslas Square. It is one of the largest Beer Garden’s in Prague seating over 2,000 people. During this summer they started brewing their own brew simply called Reigor 11° – 42 Kc. They also have other niche craft beers on sale.

  • Distance from the center: It is only 15 mins walk from the center or 7 min by tram.
  • Address: Riegrovy sady, 120 00, Praha 2.
  • Opening Hours: 11am to 12 Mid-night.

4. BeerGeek

beer geek pub prague

BeerGeek is right next to JZP (Jirího z Podebrad) metro station and is a non-smoking basement bar. The bartender told me that they 30 beers on tap at all times and that also have one of their own micro brewery beer’s. When I was there I had the hobsy Clock Beer at 69 Kc and my wife had a Cornish Orchard Gold cider at 59 Kc. These prices are of course a little pricey for Prague.

  • Distance from the center: It is only 20 mins walk from the center or 7 min by metro.
  • Address: Vinohradská 988/62, 130 00, Praha 3.
  • Opening Hours: 3pm to 2am.

5. Beer Museum

beer museum prague

Beer Museum is located on Dlouhá only 5 minutes walk from the Old Town Square. It was one of the first the new bars specialising in micro brew and craft beers. They have 30 different types of beer on tap including their own beer Prague Beer Museum. They also have a beautiful Summer Beer Garden. They sell their own micro-brew Prague Beer Museum 13° – 50 Kc. The waitress told me that they do 2 beer menu 5 x .15 L tasting menu – 150 Kc and 10 x .15 L tasting menu – 300 Kc. She did say that these are approximate prices as the price of the tasting menu will vary depending on what beers you select on it.

  • Distance from the center: It is in the center, 5 mins from the Old Town Square and 5 mins from Namesti Republiky (Republic Square).
  • Address: Dlouhá 720/46, 110 00, Praha 1.
  • Opening Hours: 12 noon to 3am.

Our pick in the hood

6. Pinta

pinta restaurant prague 800x395

The Pinta Beer Steakhouse Restaurant combines cold beer, fresh food and friendly service in a comfortable setting. They have an excellent variety with 14 beers on tap. The restaurant also has seating for 16 people outside and is non smoking inside. They have extensive food menu with many of the dishes complementing the beer. Beer prices range from only 26 Kc for a Moravské Sklepní Unfiltered 10° (.5L) to 44 Kc for a Čertovský Speciál 14° (.5 L). Pinta is only a 5 min walk from Sir Toby's.

  • Distance from the center: It is only 15 min from the center by tram.
  • Address: Argentinská 783/18, 170 00 Praha 7.
  • Opening Hours: 11.30am to 11pm.

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