New Year’s Eve Parties in Prague

New Year’s Eve Parties in Prague

New Year's Eve is approaching and it is bringing back that question: where should I go and what should I do on 31 December.
It is an important one, so join us for a moment while we go through a selection of Prague's best places to celebrate the new beginning.

With the accommodation problem solved (we invite you to stay at Prague's favorite hostel and have a really good time in our pub - we promise), let's see what is it that Prague offers.

You landed on a page with recommendations for New Year's Eve 2015. Want to know what's going on 2016? Have a look here.

River Cruise New Year's Eve Parties

As much as we are trying hard to leave the old year, it should not go without a bang. Fireworks are one of the best part of the New Year's Eve celebration, and one should find a nice place to enjoy the spectacle (and be sure to read our previous post on things to do and avoid during NYE). And what place to see the fireworks could be better than a river boat?

Prague Boats offers a variety of relaxed cruises on the most important night, such as a jazz, live music or DJ boat cruises.
Prices range from 150 to 245 EUR, and include lot of food, some drinks, and beautiful routes passing Vyšehrad, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and others.
Fireworks are in the price.

Fireworks over Vltava river. Photo by Mstyslav Chernov/Wikimedia Commons

Fireworks over Vltava river. Photo by Mstyslav Chernov/Wikimedia Commons

Boat Party Prague offers somewhat 'crazier' experience, with a party that starts at 20.00, and we are not sure if it ends at all.
Besides the cruise and fireworks, there is a lot of unlimited drinking and dancing, and the full package will set you back some 70 EUR.

Massive (but fun) New Year's Eve Parties

One of the more interesting big parties seems to be the one at Roxy's.
Roxy is one of the most popular clubs in Prague that regularly hosts some of the biggest DJs in the world.
The club will mark the new year in style: three scenes led by the club resident DJs, 3D video-mapping and light-shows.
The party is not expected to end early, and you would do well to choose Roxy as the place to spend last hours of 2015.
Entrance ticket will cost you 1000 CZK (some 40 EUR), and includes a free mixed drink.


Another big party will be held at Duplex, a cool restaurant and club on the Wenceslass Square.
Duplex is organizing a really interesting event, with DJs, acrobatic shows and dancers. It starts at 22.00 and costs 1690 CZK (some 70 EUR), unless you are a VIP guest in which case you will pay a bit (a lot) more.
There is a buffet dinner before the party (with a food selection too long to list here). It starts at 20.00 and costs 3890 CZK (some 160 EUR).

Finally, a cool New Year's Eve Party party organized by the HANY BANY Club is happening at Prague Congress Centre.
There seems to be many interesting things about this one, such as multiple DJ stages, different music styles, dozen of DJs, and a huge space. Hell, when will you ever again have a chance to party like crazy in a congress centre?
Plus, the centre is super close to the beautiful Vyšehrad fort dating all the way back to 10th century. It is by far the best place to see New Year's Eve fireworks.
The party starts at 20.00, and the price is great, only 499 CZK (some 20 EUR) on the big day, or 199 until 15 December.

Dancing New Year's Eve Parties

If you feel more like swinging your way into 2016, Prague Swingmasters are inviting you to join their dancing party at Nudny otec Club.
The program starts at 18.00 with a small dinner thing, followed by a big dinner thing. 22.00 is when the dancing starts (only to be interrupted by a lentil soup at 23.30 and a midnight toast), and it doesn't end till early morning.
Price is 499 CZK (approx 20 EUR), and you would do well to book it in advance.
Highly recommended

Local New New Year's Eve Parties

Come 31 December, Prague will be full of smaller events held at local pubs and clubs.

A magical one is expected at Cafe Neustadt, a bar that calls itself a place to meet nice people.
For 300 CZK (some 12 EUR) you will get a bottle of champagne, home made buffet and a present.
DJs will be there whole night, as well as max 300 people, so you should book ahead.

Palac Akropolis, a Prague cult place that serves as a club, theatre and a gallery is preparing an 'Excelent Silvestr Night'.
It sounds excellent too, with two stages, video-mapping, welcome drinks and free entrance for girls who arrive by midnight.
A long night (until 08.00) with funky music will cost you 350 CZK (some 14 EUR), and this is a place where at least one Sir Toby's staff member will go.

Another Prague's classic is CrossClub.
A place that looks like it just came out of steampunk movie, CrossClub will do a NYE in its own style, with numerous DJs treating you with house, dub-step and reggae music.
It will start at 20.00 and end at 10.00 am next day, and will cost 250 CZK (some 10 EUR). Not a bad deal at all.

CrossClub. Photo by -crosspraha-/Wikimedia Commons

CrossClub. Photo by -crosspraha-/Wikimedia Commons

In the end, if you are interested in a pub crawl, there is something for you too.
Prague Pub Crawl is organizing a humongous one, starting at 19.00. Depending on your choice, you will crawl your way into 2016 through several venues, and finally end in the biggest club in Central Europe - The famous five story club Karlovy Lazne.
Free entrance to all the clubs, 1 hour of unlimited drinking and welcome shots will cost you 2500 CZK (some 100 EUR).

As you can see, there is a lot of choice, and we are sure you will have a good time no matter where you go. Prague offers so much opportunities to have a great time, and you cannot go wrong.

We wish you a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Photo by MarkScottAustinTX/Flickr

Happy New Year! Photo by MarkScottAustinTX/Flickr

We hope to see you at Sir Toby's around Christmas and the New Year.

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