Direct Bookings


Why it pays to book direct?

The best price guaranteed

Did you know that you won´t get a better price anywhere else than directly at Sir Toby´s? Our website is the right choice if you are on the budget! If you´ll find a better offer, let us know and you can get the difference back! Simply send a screenshot of the better offer to and we will give you the same price.

Free small beer in our Sir Toby´s pub

Guests who book directly on our website can enjoy a free small beer in our cozy Sir Toby´s bar and. Jump into the Czech culture directly after your check-in!

Book now, pay later

Enjoy the convenience of booking in advance and paying on the spot. *

* Terms and conditions apply

Last but not least - supporting the local business

Sir Toby´s was started eighteen years ago by Mathias Schwender, an enterprising Theology student with a juggling act and a yen for antique furniture and old buildings. With ten beds and no guests, Mathias went touting for business at Prague’s main station. Four English guys came to stay ...recommended Sir Toby´s by their departure at the station to the just arriving tourists…. and today Sir Toby’s is legendary amongst Prague’s hostels. Be a part of the loyal community!

Why? Because we do our best to make your travels as affordable and unforgettable as possible. Therefore we would love to invest every single Czech Crown/Euro/Dollar to your experiences and not to the commissions of the booking websites (which might climb up to 20%! Crazy right?)