Delicious sweet waffles with jams, honey and fresh fruit. Fresh locally sourced boiled eggs with beans, stir-fried peppers, grilled sausages, and freshly toasted bread.

Vegan? Enjoy instant couscous with grilled vegetables from our hot food service and a selection of fresh vegetables and fruits, vegan milk for your coffee or homemade muesli with a selection of dried nuts and fruits.
And for the lighter side of things: cereals, yogurts, dried fruits, and nuts to give you a healthy start to your day all washed down with fresh juices and cucumber water.

On the go? Grab a selection of quick cold meats and cheeses to make a sandwich.

And for the finish? A fresh, hot, steaming espresso or tea of your choice.

Make your belly happy only for 170 CZK! Book in advance when making a direct booking for the discounted price of 150 CZK.

***For stays until the night of March 5th, breakfast is only 95 CZK every morning!***