Sir Toby’s 18th Birthday

Sir Toby's Hostel Prague August 2013

Sir Toby’s 18th Birthday

Our Sir Toby is turning 18 years old today! Yes, 18 years ago, enterprising German student Mathias opened a place with first 10 beds and Holesovice gave birth to the coolest hostel in town (or we like to think so :). Time travel with us through some random but precious Sir Toby's moments with the guests and staff that have made Sir Toby's what it is today. Sir Toby's truly would be nothing without all of you.

To celebrate, tonight there will be a BBQ (and some good times) in Sir Toby's garden, as always. The 4th is a great time to be at Sir Toby's so come on by. Don't worry, if you miss out on the fun, the great thing about birthday's is there is one every year!

Some real throwback memories to the early days of Sir Toby's:

The oldest staff photo we have found. Four legends who are still around: Olda, Richard S., Richard H. and Mathias.

Yes, you are right. We had a piano room.

Guests laughing. This could be from 1999 or 2017 not sure. Some things don't change.

December 2007, Martina, Richard, Martina K, Maria, Ihab, Olda, Petra R, Mathias, Satya, Petra K, David, Dmitry

Sir Satya and Miss Petra decorating the Xmas tree back in 2007.

When Sir Toby turned 10! 

2010, Thanks Brett for this great picture! Can you see Jurij and Richard? Brett your nickname of Richard - "Mr. Smiles" is perfect!

July 2011 : Lost and found #12: whoever you are Ella, well, we hope that's a good thing.

Staff gone past just Pedro and Richard are holding up

Our dear Petra's good bye party. And then our dear Kristina's good bye party. Sniff, sniff. You are all missed.

Tom pouring a beer for video making in 2012

One of those nights at the bar…

April 2013, We can't wait to turn on our new baby. Free-Weekly-BBQ about to come soooooon.

Legendary summers start like this...

Summer 2013, We read, we eat, we enjoy the sun

...and we listen to live music in our garden

Ok and we drink the beer too... Our staff and friends checking out the beer festival for you.

The usual suspects, Christmas 2013

The same procedure as every year. Potato salad and Schnitzel. And a bunch of new friends made our Christmas dinner!! Thanks for sharing some love and a very merry Christmas to all our friends all over the world!

15th anniversary birthday bash. 

Sir Toby's greets somewhere nice !!!

Just a random bathroom party

November 2014, Stephen, our newest Staff Member just got his hair cut by Sir Toby's resident hairdresser Jacob!

October 2016, staff having a blast at Halloween party.

May 2017, Taking Sir Toby's atmosphere very seriously.

One of the 132 438 new friendships in the making...

Check - out time....we know it's hard.

But you can rely on good old Sir Toby. Our doors are always wide open.

Happy birthday to all of our past, present and future guests!


Have wonderful holidays with your families, friends or backpacks, wherever you are!

Stayed tuned to see just how Sir Toby's has grown up. Party will be held tonight in the garden at 7 pm! Join if you are around!

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