Traveller Postcard – Gdansk, Poland

Traveller Postcard – Gdansk, Poland

Each week, Sir Toby’s likes to share a travel experience from one of our guests. This week, we share a story from Justin Clayton about his trip to Gdansk, Poland.

“Where in the world have I just ended up?”

When I hopped off the Polski bus (which may be the best bus company this side of the Atlantic), I was in awe of yet another city with overflowing history.
Architecture here in Poland’s “Old Towns’ is breathtaking in its age and effort. By this I mean no buildings back home were given the time to look as cool as the ones here.
Granted, we have no buildings even 200 yrs old.
I was able to visit the shipyards on the Baltic sea and see the place where revolts against communism first began in Central Europe. The “Roads to Freedom” exhibition in Gdansk is a museum that portrays what life was like under the blanket of communism.
I also witnessed the place where the WWII began in 1939 in Westerplatte, when German warships first shelled Polish naval fleets.
What a rich history this town holds.
The Baltic sea is _____ cold.
My hostel is a top notch legend. The owner is a Grateful Dead fan. Where in the world have I just ended up? In a town where communism was life, I have been fed and cared for by a man and wife who love Grateful Dead more than anyone back home.
You must realize that anyone listening to the Dead during the time of communism would have been killed. It is hippy, free spirit music to the core.
To be continued…



Oh, yeah, oppression sucks, so does Barszcz (Beetroot soup) (hmm… Toby disagrees 😉 )

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