Traveller Postcard – From Poland to Prague

Traveller Postcard – From Poland to Prague



Each week, Sir Toby's likes to share a travel experience from one of our guests. This week, we share a story about taking the cheap route from Poland to Prague.
“Take the night train,” they said. But at 65 euros we figured “screw that, we’ll do it live.”
We had to find a cheaper way between Krakow and Prague.
After consulting some backpacker blogs, we hopped on a bit of a sketchy looking bus for 5 bucks to the town of Cieszyn, located on the Polish-Czech border. Almost no English is spoken in this town but we finally get directions to the border. We figured we’d stop for lunch on the walk to the border crossing.
Found a really smoky old bar where all occupants other than us were easily over the age of 65. Literally not a single word of English spoken in this place, we asked for some pierogies and were offered some goulash. We didn’t really know what it was but we accepted it. While waiting for the food an old man was trying feverishly to talk to us in Polish. Once the goulash arrived, he sat back down. Holy hell that stuff was delicious.
We headed back out to where we thought the border was, once we were across, we the needed to find the train station. Not surprisingly, the Czech side of this town didn’t speak much English either. We finally got directed by a lady and her son. We bought our train tickets for about 15 dollars and by the end of the day, we were in Prague. Took around 12 hours and a lot of sign language, but we spend about a third of what we would have on the train.
We call that a success!

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