How does Prague’s Public Transportation operate?

How does Prague’s Public Transportation operate?

Day trams operate from 5am to midnight. From midnight until 5am there are night trams running every 30 minutes. Night trams (and only night trams) are numbered in the 90’s (i.e., 90, 91, 92, etc.). The night tram to and from Sir Toby’s is the No 94.

Tram stop Tusarova: Tram 14 to centre (Wenceslas Square / Václavské náměstí), trams 1 and 25 to Prague Castle (Prašný most).
Tram stop Dělnická: Only incoming trams (1, 14, 25).
Tram stop Dělnická: Tram 14 to centre, incoming tram 12 and incoming night tram 94.
Tram stop U Průhonu: Tram 12 to Prague Castle (Malostranské náměstí), night tram 94 to centre.

You can find more information on where the trams stop here.

Traveling to and from Sir Toby’s you just need to use trams! Metros run from 5am to midnight. Depending on the day and time, metros can be 3-9 minutes apart. Tickets can be purchased from reception, at metro stations and some shops:

24 CZK (30 minutes, unlimited transfers)
32 CZK (90 minutes, unlimited transfers)
110 CZK (24 hour pass, unlimited travel)

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