Winter In Prague – What’s On In January/February

Winter In Prague – What’s On In January/February

We often get asked what’s the best time to visit Prague. Well, actually, we think that the winter months are a great time to get to know the city. It is less busy around all the major tourist attractions and you might even find yourself wandering the dimly light cobblestone roads in complete solitude. Even better, we at Sir Toby’s are still running winter specials. Our recommendation: invest your money saved on accommodation in a ticket for one of these events coming up in the following weeks…

Concerts & Music Festivals

Let it Roll (February 25): The Winter Edition of Czech Republic’s biggest drum & bass festival. Tickets are 900 CZK.


The 1975 (February 26) @ Forum Karlin: Indie Rock from Manchester

Two Door Cinema Club (February 22) @ Congress Center: Cheerful Indie Rock to combat the winter blues

Band of Horses (March 2) @ Lucerna Music Bar: Dream Pop to forget about the cold outside


Festival Spectaculare (January 20 – February 18): Spectaculare explores “music and its connection to motion theatre or ballet, video-art, video-mapping or movies and photographic art.” Interesting venues, great occasion to discover new artists and music from ambient to electro and jazz.

Free Days at the National Gallery (February 4-5): Only for students! On the first February weekend The National Gallery (just a few minutes by tram from Sir Toby’s!) opens its doors free of admission. Don’t miss this, Veletržní palác is one of Prague’s most beautiful exhibition spaces (besides, coffee & cakes at Cafe Jedna on the ground floor are pretty great too).

Picture: Narodní Galerie v Praze

Picture: Narodní Galerie v Praze

Jürgen Teller: Enjoy your life! (until March 3): “Considered one of the world’s most sought-after contemporary photographers, Juergen Teller has successfully straddled the interface of both art and commercial photography. He came to fame twenty-five years ago in 1991 when he photographed the band Nirvana, and his iconic pictures of Kurt Cobain were published in Details magazine.”

Picture: Jürgen Teller/Galerie Rudolfinum

Picture: Jürgen Teller/Galerie Rudolfinum

And a last one: For contemporary circus you should by any means check out Jatka78, a great cultural venue just a five minutes walk from Sir Toby’s.

Film Festivals

Major film festivals like Febio Fest and the One World Human Rights Film Festival are coming up in March, however, Prague’s cinemas always have something special on the program. We recommend checking the Spanish Film Festival La Pelicula (February 14-24) and The Shockproof Film Festival for “all forms of low-brow, bad taste, trash and fun. A fine selection of the most impressive, ludicrous, overlooked and bizarre in horror, extreme, action, gore, camp, B-, C- and even X-rated movies” in the very nice Kino Aero (February 28 – March 5).

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